Hey anyone who happens to read this =DD!! I decded to make an awesome page for all the wonderful Fan Art this comic gets, since its uncool that it only gets one showing via the comic otherwise and i really want tio show off all the amazing artsts here ='III

Please do check out these guys'amazing websites/art blogs, they deserve wayyy more credit than I can give- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE EVERYONE!!!! ='D

by Hayley anne Ryder. mysterious blog andwonderful art

by Alice Urbino amazing arrttt

by aliceUrbino

by the wonderful geru monster

by Hayley anne Ryder

by walkedaway x

by IchiKashi <3

by the wonderful and hidden gem of talent that is Holly

by Mimi-Evelyn

more awesome awesome fanart by Evelyn ;v;

by Nightmare Natarii :)

by Au-chan!!!

by Jade Sarson ='DDD

by the awesome Mimi <33

by Holly/Fia freckles ='D

by SilkRibbon!!!

by Tozz~

lovely anniversary art by Mimi =))

by Iron!

by Ally!! ='U

by Zach~~~

by Siobhan ='DD

by GART artist Anaseed-Man x)

by Iggy <3

MYSTERY fanart by this person (amy)

by Sephryn Grey

by Traci!!!

by Natari!!

by Tracey Hawkins~~~

by Mimi :)

by Kat!!!!

by Mimi ='D

by Polkadots =)

by aiiraforte!

by Earthfield

by Essency

by jonas

by H

by Niki

by ZeroMotion

by anaseed man

by jello-bomb

by Di

by Au-chan

by capwi

by capwi

by JAM