December 1st, 2012, 7:06 am

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December 1st, 2012, 7:11 am

i'd like about this!

idk, i never like talking about this stuff - but i just wanted to say;

I really want to in these later chapters and hope i have here shown a more vunerable and loving side to the blake character. you never know how characters are going to turn out when you develop hem - other artists! do you know what i mean? they seem to write themselves!

this character wound up being quite cool and calm, tho i guess that's to be expected. i can't really say why but also, i hope as you see this character in a relationship you get to see a more loving, emotional, vunerable side to him.

i also wanted to portray as best i could, the intimacy physically that men seem to want, and how they go about it (in my experience..!) and ofc, people can in terperae the story how they like- but i wonder if anyone feels weirded out or suprised seeing this more intimate side to this character?

because i feel at least for me, that's how it is when i get into new relationships of any kind! it's often new, and strange, and explorative :)

th-thanks for reading so much if you do =')

October 24th, 2019, 12:22 am

December 17th, 2012, 4:21 pm

everyone who commented- woah, thank you for such indepth thoughts =)

@Oishi17 girls are cruel ;) i'm the same!! XD thank you for your comment!!! ='DDD

@Earthfield help!!! you sent me a great em-mail but i can't find it D': can you re-send it? thank you for your very in depth comment =) well yes- that's why RUGJ? is one of my fave comics- it's crazy how you put such a range of angles on the characters- even in such a small 4 koma strip ;_; it's so impressive!!! i'd be interested in reading Mori... so do you think as an author you really enjoy creating uh..bad characters? (sort of?) do you think they are more interesting to explore?

@KermitsGirl very interesting and great observations on that character, kermit =') it's really interesting to hear your thoughts./.. i wish i could say more w/o giving away story ;_; but i will say, it's crazxy how manipulative people can twist your mind, and you don't even realise it?? your wrods right there have coined that perfectly, you know? manipulation = poison... that's spot on. =U thank you so much for your comment :)))

@Zeromotion thank you for your comment zeemo- omg, i looked up 'blueballing' which i had nevewr heard just turned me on XD it sounds so sexy ahahahah XD!!! also, yeah, i think you get girls who are mysterious guys fall at their feet- mysterious ppl in general, i feel ppl create an image of their ideal person around them?? thank you for your comment ='D

@ghoulsville oh god goul, your tumblr post...about brave...i mean fuck, i know exactly how you feel- i hate when some people are just...i feel like thewy create situations that well, at least for me, i just don't see?? to tear into innocent things like disney - i'm not explaining this very well, but anyway, iu agree'd with your post. first of all, wow, 'the manic pixie dream girl' - what is that? why pixie? it sounds fascinating and i'd love to read your thoughts =) i totslaly agree with you - i think, mysterious people in general, can create a certain image for people- i feel people create the ideal mate or project their ideals onto mysterious people- thus that person will eventually dissapoint them, and never reach their expectations. that's a little..about what his story is about- and i think it's wonderful that you've spotted that. thank you for your insightful comment =) thank you so much!!!

@Maria hi maria, I love your comments ;___; thank you fro your insightful comm ent, i like that you are not taking sides- i agree in that every person in the world is never ewntirely the victim- we are always at the very least, responsible to how we deal with our problems (ofc. sometimes people really go through trauam- but that doesnty mean you shouldn't deal with it!)

@airatainted thank you so much for your sweet comment :) also; i have to say the confidence and stability to say 'no' and stand up for yourself comes with time, i feel =) I think if you really feel you need to be hat way, you really will <33

@NightmareNatarii wahhhh thank you for your opinion on the characters and your thoughts ='DDD I would say irl it takes time for stupid boys to come to their senses and gain courage to really talk about things; and it takes time for others to forgive them ='D AHHH SO YOUR GOING THROUGH A SIMMILAR SITUATION?? are you OK? I can understand it's really hard , i mea it's hard to make yourself vunerable by confesssing to a guy - but srsly do it!! he is probably clueless, and he can't make a descion about you until he really knows!! guys don't always have the same intuition that you have ='U GOOD LUCK GRL KEEP ME UPDATED!!!XXXX


December 1st, 2012, 8:42 am

A wonderful update as always! :D
Wow when Blythe said no sex she meant no sex like ever.....I kind of feel bad for Blake but not really. :P Hooray first again! :)

December 1st, 2012, 8:55 am

Blythe so far, like it or hate it, is the character with her feet closest to Earth, besides Janey ^^
I liked her since day one, and this shows why =D

Replying your inquiry as an artist, I fully understand what you mean. With my own work I started sort of backwards, Johnny seems like a good guy from the beginning and the current topic shows a side of him you probably wouldn't imagine from strip 1, but I'm not trying to sell him as a bad character, he just has his flaws, and you can like him or not for that, but he's still Johnny.
As an author, these kind of things is one of the most fulfilling moments on our creation.
Memento Mori, that other webcomic I finished, had something similar, the main character is a twat, but he's not bad inside, he's just making bad calls given his condition that ruins his relationship. It was tough for me to create him, since I liked it, but couldn't like what he had to do for the sake of the story and Drama.
Wow, this ended being rather long, sorry about that chap. =D

December 1st, 2012, 10:32 am


Not sure if I agree with you there Earthfield. She seems to me to be the kind of person that likes to manipulate people. I mean, I could just be basing her actions off of manipulators I have seen in my own life, but her treatment of Sasha AND Blake is a prime example.

She told Blake she didn't want to be with him until she knew him, but then, even though she didn't know him any better, suddenly is like "okay, let's spend ALL OUR TIME TOGETHER." Sure, here she is telling him to go home, but who knows if that's just another one of her games, or if it's just because she's bored with him.

With Sasha, she KNOWS he's in love with her, but they still live together, and she still flaunts her relationship with another guy to the point where she won't even let him hang out with people when he wants to avoid them. And then to put down Ruthie? When she hasn't even had a CONVERSATION with her, that can only be motivated by a hidden jealousy based on Ruthie's connection to Blake and now Sasha. I just feel she's a truly poisonous character, not down to earth at all.

December 1st, 2012, 11:53 am

I completely agree with you, but, I think that rather than manipulative, she's a person with control issues. She wants to have control over her environment, and I think that while that's not necessarily good, it doesn't demonize her either.
I like Sasha a lot, but I've been in his shoes for a long time and I know I wasn't a victim exactly, and I'd love to root for him, but I don't think he's as victim as he appears, as I think Blake and Blythe aren't as bad as they appear, which is what we were discussing. That characters are not black and white, like or hate.
I like Blake, but I hate his womanizing nature, I like Ruthie, but I dislike her way to adopt ideas as facts, which made her fall for Blake in my opinion, and I like Blythe, but her control issue is something I'm not fond of.
From the perspective of authors, this is an amazing relationship puzzle, as a reader, I can't wait to see it through.

December 1st, 2012, 12:20 pm

For my wmst class final paper I'm working on about the "manic pixie dream girl" trope. A lot of the stuff I'm looking into is how the male character seems to glorify the girl, thinking she's beautiful and wild and exciting and just the person to snap him out of his funk. But novels and movies that treat the trope well work to point out how detrimental this mindset can be, when you're thinking a person is more than they are.
I feel like this is how Blake sees Blythe, for the most part. She's his dream girl, and he does want to get to know her more, but he needs to learn that he can't change her or be disappointed when he discovers qualities about her that he hasn't expected.

It's interesting to see more into Blythe's personality now that she's a more constant part of the story. :3 and as usual, Blake's growth is always so interesting to follow.. I can see how you're throwing in the sympathy bit, with her imminent graduation, and I wonder how he will adapt to these changes. :v

December 1st, 2012, 12:21 pm

Hi again!!! I really like the way you develop your characters, how they all seem so lifelike, not some one-dimensional-either-good-or-bad-doodles...
I really agree with Earthfield here, about how Sasha is not just a victim and about how Blythe is down to earth, but I reeeeaaally dislike how self-centred she is... But, hey, maybe it'll be good for Blake to be around someone who doesn't like him quite as he likes himself for a bit...
Great story, amazing art! Keep up the good work, we <3 you! :)

December 1st, 2012, 1:04 pm

i have this whole love hate with blake and blythe

i adore this sweet side of him and its great that he is being such a good boy and listening , i jsut still cnat shake off his whole thing with ruthie though- things like that really stick in my head . So he might be a growing character but HHOOOOOOHHH BOY does he havea huge hashmark on his naughtyside . Now onto blythe - i have a love hate with her too . Its nice that she has given blake this chance - given herself a chance to be with him - but its also not nice about how shes been dealing with the whole sacha thing - if you know someone used to and probablly still does have HUGE crush on you - dont parade youre new hipster boyfriend infront of them - lol i feel so bad for sachas situation becuase i have been there myself- i hide my feelings better then him though XD like right now he has no idea only my 2 female friends know and well im still looiking for the right girl for him DX *shoots self in foot * ....BACK TO THE STORY
ID really liek to see something good happen to sacha and or ruthie sometime soon - and wheres JANIE!???????????/

December 1st, 2012, 2:14 pm

I don't think Blake is positioning himself correctly in this relationship. I think Blythe's already losing interest in him, she probably sees him as clingy and needy.

December 1st, 2012, 3:44 pm

I know exactly what you mean about them writing themselves... once you start writing and drawing and EXPERIENCING them in your mind, they begin to talk back, and say things that you think "Really?" about, and end up writing them how they want to be written. Because to you, they aren't characters. They're people whose stories you want to tell, and you gotta tell 'em right ;)
At least, that's how it's been for me so far XD Fantastic update. It is interesting to see this side of Blake, and Blythe responds exactly how I imagined she would! Hahaha.

December 1st, 2012, 10:58 pm

There is a part of me that likes seeing Blake be denied what he wants, like he is getting a taste of his own medicine or a whiney child being scolded. I'm sure Blake is used to being able to do whatever he wants what he gets someone but Blythe isn't going to indulge him and how knows she may just pull a 'Blake' and make him a 'Daisy'. hehe.

December 1st, 2012, 11:33 pm

Haha your comment ("to portray as best i could, the intimacy physically that men seem to want") makes me feel like an anomaly.

December 2nd, 2012, 3:04 pm

holy jesus

December 2nd, 2012, 9:17 pm

ahh i can def see blake wanting intimacy as a means to express his affections, he seems very much like that type of person but i think blythe is also smart in her way not to rush things ahhh...these pages were really interesting and revealing! sdhlb

December 3rd, 2012, 3:55 am

gonna be childish and vindictive here

ha ha haaaaaa take that you two horrible people, stepping on other people's feelings and now it's not working out

*goes to get tea*

still, good comic

December 3rd, 2012, 6:57 am

I know it's been ages and I’m sorry about that but I had to comment on this and some other stuff as well :)

First of all, I'm really enjoying this new relationship, expecially since Blake has never really been fully commited to anyone before, it's interesting to see how he deals with a relationship. I've only been in one committed relationship (which I still am ), and I can tell that when you come from nowhere, meaning not having any experience beforehand, I think the hardest task is to learn to consider the other person. Here in Blake's situation, we get the feeling that he's used to getting what he wants, I’m not saying it’s bad that he wants Blythe a lot but I think the problem here is that Blake just doesn't really know what it means to accept and respect the other person's space. We have to remember that we don't actually own any one. We are all individual people who have our own ways. Therefore, to compromise with one another is a difficult thing but the end result can be very rewarding.

Now in regards to Sasha’s crush on Blythe. As far as I understand Blythe has made it clear before that she does not feel the same affections for Sasha, but I get a feeling that Blythe still cares a lot about him as a friend.

I remember reading a very interesting part in one of the Honey and Clover chapters. It was the bit where Ayumi realizes that she has been unfair towards Mayama, by being selfish for her love and wanting him to desperately love her back, she never considered his feelings. You can never force someone to see you the same way you see them, and Mayama obviously feels guilty that he doesn’t feel the same way about Ayumi, but he has this strong need to make things better, to avoid hurting her feelings. In the end he’s not to blame, he hasn’t done anything wrong, but it’s just impossible to please everybody.

When I read that bit it just hit me how many times I’ve done exactly the same thing. And it made me feel pretty horrible about it. I see the same when I look at Sasha and Blythe, and how Blythe still wants to protect this friendship despite of the facts.

Lastly, I just want to give my thoughts on the character developement you mentioned. I feel exactly the same way. It might not be very evident but from the time I started drawing Maud, I thought I knew who she was, but I have say she has surprised me, and come out differently then I had thought she would, also I feel like she keeps changing or rather I know there’ll be many more sides to her that will come out, but I’m not entirely sure what is heading my way hehe. In regards to my other characters, I get the same feeling about them, such as Frida. I have no idea who she really is, and that thought scares but excites me at the same time.

Anyway that’s just my opinion about this whole thing sorry for the essay haha

December 3rd, 2012, 7:51 pm

I've never been in a dating relationship so I can't give any personal insight on it. I really don't know what guys want and I don't understand what girls want, at the least the very stereotypical version of what dating is and what people want out of them.

I'm sure Blake, as much as he likes her would like to satiate his sexual desires. Especially when he isn't use to it, from the look of it at least. I don't know.

I'm loving Blythe. My first thought was she is growing up. She is making her own person, and going for her goals.
I don't mean to think this, but I think Blake isn't at the level of Blythe and would pretty much be in the way of her doing her own thing.
Like one has a teenage mindset the other has an adult mindset. One wants to play all the time, the other knows when to play and when to get serious. Blake is living in lala land.

December 5th, 2012, 1:22 am

I spent three hours straight reading your comic when I found it. It is ten million different flavors of fantastic. I might love it a little too much, if that's possible... it's certainly an addiction. Thank you so very much for creating it-- truly, thank you.

December 6th, 2012, 12:28 pm

BLAKE... haha..
ahh it was really interesting to see these pages!! we get to see this new side of blake, yet it feels completely natural and in character for him... his honesty especially? ahh it's good that blythe is so level headed, it would be bad if they rushed into it.. in blake's eyes she might seem a little cold, but!! two weeks!! gosh blake you can wait a little longer than that can't you? heh..
i totally understand what you mean about characters writing themselves haha..and i've loved seeing how blake and the others have developed over time! ;v;
sobs ahh i really loved the soft look and nature of these past pages<33

January 22nd, 2013, 10:44 am

I had no idea guys actually asked for sex like that.Its so inappropriate. And Blake doesnt surprise me at all, he's too obvious and needy. Since the beginning. Rather Blythe does, she surprises me. She's really down to earth and I like that side of her character. I can kind of relate to her in that aspect.

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