August 13th, 2011, 9:38 am

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August 13th, 2011, 9:57 am

just wanted to say...

if you read this comic, and these ridiculous comments, too!! thank you so so much for reading!! xD

a lot of the comments every week are really encouraging, and i just want to say how much i appreciate this, and how glad i am that ppl are reading- an you;ve no idea how it helps me draw comics, as well- thank you so much =)

last week, there was a mix up and i didnt communicate very well that the two characters were , in fact, hugging and not kissing- i felt so ashamed with my skills ='II but i can fix this in the future update, thankfuly. (not that anyone cares aobut this, but i wanted to write it anyway,kinda like ranting in a blog LOL)

anyways thank you for continuing to readif you do, i know the story is kinda boring at this point =( i promise it will get better soonish 9hopefuly) x

@titaniumpenguin SHH!! I CANT FUCKIN DRAW!!! thanks for reading, tho ='I

@kanjolie man thanks for writing, it means a lot to me- and youve no ideahow much it means that you also have sympathy for the other characters, other than ruthie XDD I so wanted to show there are other POVs in a story, but it's hard to get this across in story telling (for me) =IIII THANK YOUUUU SWTTTHHRRRTTTT!!!!

@NERD101 LOLLLLLLL your comments make me giggle, and also i am flattered to have them- thanks man =')

@batterytea NOOO!! Dx but thanks for commenting ='D!! xD

@hayley *n*~~v

@IIDeathyII wow, you really do have exellent readingpacing/syncing skills!! I was hoping this would happen for people, but figured it wouldnt do that properly ='II Im glad it wokred for you! thanks for reading ='D

@reapervampire SHHHH I CANNE DRAW FOR SHIT!!!thank you reaper, i love your comments and writing, its nice to know what you are tihnking as you read it, and it's so encouraging =')

@Rennakins awe thank you mannn ='III

@mananbuscuit THANK YOU FOR WRITING!! but more importantly you asked in earlier comment show they afford all this stuff! just to let you know in UK in big cities like cambridgebristoloxford the houses are this big, though different rooms are rented out rather than the whoke house to one person, i guess these act as dorms- strudent housing ftw! ='D only if you live in an awesome place like bristol, though.. Dx

@Neko GAWWWEEE THNAK YOU FOR SEEING THORUGH MY TERRIBLE ARTIST COMMUNICATION MIX UP!!! ='DD youve no idea how appreicative I am of this ='D thank you so much also for your comment on ruthie character!!!

@PurpleGrinch oh gosh, your comment really made my heart glow, i felt so enocuraged after reading this, thnak you so much, and im very glad you are enjoying this ='DD

@mumihahaha what an awesome comment!! first of all thnak you for reading man ='D also, a love pentagon i like that! what would you describe as a love pentagon anyway xD thank you very much for the encouragement, it keeps me going- thanks man =))

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August 14th, 2011, 6:01 pm

hehe nice feet :)

May 29th, 2012, 3:11 pm

...So basically, at this point I ship blake with every girl he meets VuV

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