July 1st, 2011, 12:36 pm

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July 1st, 2011, 1:45 pm

oh man

this comic gets more and more shoujo as we go =III fuuu, ive been debating so much latley aobut wether or not this comic is way toooo cheesy- i really wish i could do serious and stylish comics =III i want the characters to be realistic too- but honestly then i tihnk...well love! and touching! and blushing IS realistic! I dont know anyone who secretly when we get down to it, gets emotional and pent up about the contact of another human being!

...is it just me? 8U

October 13th, 2019, 11:12 pm


July 2nd, 2011, 5:58 pm

No, I totally agree. This IS realistic. I would blush too, its defo not cheesy :D
Your characters are so believable so anything you do wouldnt be cheesy, cos we can totally relate :D

July 8th, 2011, 5:09 am

Aha!! I was like *her arm* before too!
The music=..When the moon, hits your eye, like-a big, pizza pie...
No no, I getcha!! It didn't come off as cheesy to me, I think its in-character for them to blush like that!
(I'm so happy Blake blushed too, he's soooo-o-o-o cuuuuuute aaaw Ruthie).

July 10th, 2011, 7:33 am

"i really wish i could do serious and stylish comics"

Hey, your comics are stylish. As for serious, it depends on the content and what you set out to write. Mellow slice-of-life wouldn't benefit from being really serious.

March 3rd, 2012, 10:05 pm

I think that your characters and their interactions with each other are very realistic

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