May 9th, 2011, 3:35 pm

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May 9th, 2011, 3:58 pm


@ghoulsville thank you very much :)

@emily hahaha xD thank you !! x.D

@Radicaltrain LOL your comments rmeinds me of how i love characters in stories but i know i would hate them irl DDDx thank you ='D ps. TEA IS AWESOME!!

@3eoclock loll dude your comments are so touching and so warming, i have fluffy feelings, thank you ='I

@lucy dude, thank you so much, i am
touched ='II she has no name yet so dont worry!- yes, Blake has browny-green eyes and charcole hair, ruthie (the girl) has browny/blonde hair and blue eyes =) thanks for the question, thank you for the kind words ='D

@nanashakiable HAHAHAHA XD your comments make me laugh x'D thank you!!

@fiafreckles LOL your comments are also so funny ahaha xD I think YOU are like this girl soemtimes when you are hyper/drunk hahaha xD <3333 thank you for reading dude ='D

@rennakins thank you sooo much dude ='D

@piano-kun YOUR ICON IS ADORABLE!! thats my favourite pony omggg ='D also thank you so much, this comment made my day ='))

@pluslook oh my goodness, coming from you, thank you so much ='III

@mildtarantula oh man thank yu so much ='II

@cross27 ahhh, golly, this comment made my day, thank you!!! ='DDD

@hayley <333 TEA IOS GREAT!!!! you got a faveourite flavour??

@novembertree as always dude, thank you for the comments, i am always touched, thank you ='I

@zeromotion LOLLL dude im so honoured that you like and read this comic ='III

@epilosion ohdude, thank you so so so much for the kind words and..idk youre going to be dissapointed this is a boring comic x'DD

@mimievlyn yes i think i would have too x.D thank you so much for the comments ='II

@theroah thanks dude =0

@mananabuscit i think!! and i think a lot of people think clumsy people are SO ADORABLE!! SO BE PROUD OF YOUR CLUMSYNESS!! ='D

@hose thank you ='D


October 18th, 2019, 7:02 am


September 22nd, 2011, 6:35 am

Lovely pages, lovely music too.. :)

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