April 29th, 2011, 7:52 am

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April 29th, 2011, 8:09 am

thank you everyone =')

I have no words other than thank you everyone for commenting on this comic and keeping up with it, evne if it is teribly borng DDx thank you!!!

@radicasltrain LOL!

@michikalz thank you ='D

@eternalbeleiver thank yu, the houses are directly copied from things like 101 dalmations- if you can find screenshots or concept art, its just beautiful Dx!!!LOL i am glad you like her she is indeed intended to be a bit of an odd character x'D thank you for the comments ='D

@mildtarantual thank you so muh ='D it amuses me yhat peiople haver this view of this character hahaha xD

@natashakable - as seen on this page, if you live in a flat you can pretty much walk in, well, a student flat..i think it would definaltey be illeagle by most standards xD i always felt there is a lack of personal space at university- hahaha x'D

@syne wow- this was so sweet of you to say, i really appreciate, it really made my day to read this man- thank you so much ='D

@novembertree th-thank you so much, dude- i do not know what else to say- but i love your funny comment son these characters hahah x'D

@cross27 LOL yes, creepy people are very creepy ahaha xD

@fiasfreckles AHHHH!!!! thank you for reading my comic holly!!! guess what, I AM SENING YOU A LETTER TODAY!! I hope you get it soon!! im relaly glad you liek this comic man ='DDDD

@ponyta what/! thanks for the update?? thanks for the commenting this comic does not deserve it!! thank you ='D

@3eoclokc yooo mannn thank you x'D dude di that acutally happen? (with the serial killer?) that's a crazy reason to choose to kill people o_o that makes me parnaoid now too ===='''IIII also, thanks for commenting i love hearing your thoughts and talks to characters lol, so cute!! ='D

@mimi-eveyn LOL your comments aobut blake make me giggle x'D idk aobut this character but i do know guys who just have this tihng, about them, ad girls just fall at their feet- they arent evne that good looking! im not sure what this is ='I thanks for commenting ='DD!!!

@one_by_one thank you dude ='D i love this comment haha it made me laugh x'D

@annie -- AHH!! I TOTALLY SEE THAT!! dude you just voice acted..my ...characters ?? ='II i feel really honoured mna, thank you so so much ='III

@piano-kun omgomgomgomg i have up-most repsect for you so to receive a comment and to know you are reading jusstt..made my bleedin' day, is all i have to say- thank you so much ='III

October 24th, 2019, 12:47 am


April 29th, 2011, 9:40 am

IT IS TRUE, I don't recall his name but I remember he was described as "slow" and "mentally unstable".

BUT STILL, doors always locked now omg.

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