April 4th, 2011, 4:42 am

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April 4th, 2011, 4:42 am


just wanted to say, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!For simply taking the time to read this incredably slow comic- and thank you for the few twitter comments to- just, any comments this comic gets, it doesnt deserve...so thank you ;n;

god i've rambled random essays to everyone so i'm sorry in advanced for this... Dx also, i'm really happy that peo[le are loving the blake character at the moment, i am rather worried about offending people =S thank you, anyway =)

@eternal ahh not a huge amount of fans- but I am shocked ='0 i dont think this comic should have that!! Dx its far too slow! LOL anyway xD thanks for your comment man :) I cant wait for both your comics to update again, esp. head over heart as it just got very interesting Dx Yes!! you remind me so much of a younger me and I do think you are too good hearted and forgiving for your own good!! D,: annnoyingly people like to take advantage of that Dx i still get caught by thme by accident LOL so i wish i could know how to stop them but I dont Dx

@mimi LOL x'DDD @ the hun comment OL- ahh i'm really glad you;r liking his look- i cant decide honestly but i'd think this comic is actually set in 2006, when i was in college, and the hipster style really begun, my friends all used to wear these long cardigans and scarfs- it hasnt really gone away now:D but that is what i based his look on- i relaly love this current fashion Dx YESS mind games are horrible, i agree it would be so much easier- but i think you are also right in that we arent that simple and we cant expect a black and white world, either- idk..maybe complete honesty isnt always good, either! thanks for the comments anywya, thank you so much ='D

@alice sorry its not a cool looking cameo, i need to actually draw you at some point DI its definaltey the sort of computer that puts zack viruses onto the computer...but zack is so cool i dont think anyone would mind- I WOULD NOT D8

@hayley ARISUARISUARISU !! And yay, i'm glad you liked him from the start~ >'D thank you so much for your comments they are making me laugh LOL x'D

@tsu thank you for the comment <3 i admit ive never met a girl who's wanted a guy's ding dong that badly ahahaha xD

@emily thank you so much ='D I'm glad you like the expression and..i didnt tihnk it was so good, it was done uisng fineliners- i cant work those for shit!! IM AMAZED AT PEOPLE WHO CAN USE THEM SO WELL!//RAMBLE SORRY! D: oh! and caps lock attack sorry Dx

@mildtarantuala ahh thank you for the comment- i'm glad you are liking blake a little more now, it's annoying because i agree with you, i dont realy like people who are very blunt LOL its hard to write this character who is very bitter sweet. //RAMBLE god i am self centred today, forgive me D: thank you for the commet though ='D

@theorah yess as wrote above its hard to write a very bitter sweet character D:

@natashakable thank you for the comment ='D yeah i actually knew someone like this, well she used to be LOL i tihnk she was mostly an attention seeker D:

@forgottencake I hate mind games so much D:< ironicly i tihnk the poor people who get hiot with them though arent able to be blunt/are too forgiving i think?? =0 man - you gave the best compliment ever, i feel so touched, thank you so much ='I

@RadicalTrain o u, radical train, u so random

@cross27 ahhh thank you so much for daying this, thank you ='D

@krilly LOL I WISH! i think sex makes everything complicated- not even sex, just the...thought of sex? or soemtihng..well not really //ramble LOL thanks for the comment it made me laugh xD

@mousemute lol, thank you for the comment x'D I think overly honest people as a result loose thier hum....consideration of people ='I

@novembertree thank you so much ='D I'm relaly glad people are liking the mian character!!!! D'= yess the style as i wrote above to mimi is based on the fashion my fiends used to wear when i was in college (not american college i guess highschool from 16-18?) =D so i think this comic should really be set in 2006 LOL! anyway im secretly in love with that style of fashion DI I wish men were more fashionable DI//ramble

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April 4th, 2011, 6:12 am

I love characters more than plot sometimes I swear.

April 17th, 2011, 9:05 pm

Haha I really do understand what you mean about people taking advantage. I used to get screwed over so many times because I kept being friends with those sort of people even after they treated me wrongly me the first time. But there is no way of telling what people are like before you get to know them sadly. arrgh :(

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