March 30th, 2011, 2:39 pm

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March 30th, 2011, 3:32 pm

its that time again

please excuse my spelling here on out- i am tired- heacachey, my glasses as well i discovered are just in terrible condish so i cant really see, though i think i can =S

i sincerley hope this update will be more interesting =S

Thank you all so much fro the comments- they build up over time and i dont quite realise just how amny I have until looking back over it- thank ypou all so much, i dont know what to say ='D

?emily thank you sincerely ='D

@hayleythecat we love jerks <3 Jerks are awesome <3 I love your comments too btw, thank you for wriitng ='D I love gloruious kids at the moment please dont stop!! and f-fanart again would blind me i think, thank you so much friend ='III

@anige sooo? her shirt is actually a plad shirt- but due to the laypout of the pages as a whole I can't always draw that- the shirt changes depending on how I feel it will effect the rest of the compostion of the page- if I draw plad all the time, in my opinion it would effect the way the panel is read, it would make the panel or the page look messy- perosnally i hate it when i see comics and every panel is coloured with all the colours of the rainbow because it makes the page as a whole look incredably messy! it reads badly and it gives people headaches- I understand this comes across as a continuity error- unfortunatley its just my style, its also the reaosn why my colours are always limited- i peornslaly tihnk of a comic page as a whole thing , and never look at the panels as seperate things :)

@eternal thank you very much for commenting :D Im glad you like the comic so far- I also got your letter about uni, thnaks for sneidng :) i will get back to you in time- I hope ypou are feeling better- I will say this; if you want to quit you should!! you shouldnt worry that it means you wont be able to go to uni again, that is sillyness! I have a friend who is redoing uni right now after doing it for 3 years previously- bleive me its never too late, so do not worry aobut that :))) I hope tohugh you ar enjoying it and im glad youve made firneds since!! =D I LOVE your new comic!!!

@Alice all I can say is, thank you so uch- only because what you wrote about this character is exactly what I hyoped you got out of him- I'm so glad at least one perosn is enjoying it like that, thank you so much alice ='I

@cross27 THANKYOU!! XD so much for your funny comments haha gladly appreciated ='D

@radical IN MY OPINION- being fat is awesome 8) true, wlel, it seems like our weather here where you are onlyu far more extreme 9srsly snow and then warmth?!) that sounds like soemtihng out of digimon series one, which rocked btw Dx thank you for your comment aobut daisy, LOL

@xoxoLUCY omg fanart form you would b e amaizng im such a big fan for your art ='IIIII thank you so mucnh for your comments ='D

@novembertree YESSS!! but i havent seen anytihng of it in a while which is bugging me!!! DI I do not know what to say when i read your comment- all I can say is thank you very very much because i try very hard to express movement, although it always comes out funny LOL

@chirurotsu- I absolutley love your new icon ='D when are you updating idiot heart man?! Im glad you like it, thank you ='D

@mildtarauntual thank you, i guess you'll see whathappens next e_e thank you very much ='D

@natashakable hahah i hope you wont be too bored by the conclusion, thank you for your commenting ='D

@reapervampire I tihnk you'd be right ='D thank you for commenting <3~~~

@renna LOL oh god thank yu for this comment of love, ILU TOO- SPORRY I DO NOTUPPDATE WELL D':

@Lyco you find yourself (if I may talk aobut my own characters which i find odd but..idk!) siding with blake because, idk i just hate when girls use moind games to win one over, i'd much rpefer honesty as harsh as it is to ..pretending DDDx//rant over LOl! anyway sorry to sound slef involved and thank you for your comments ='D

@urmom youre just about one of few who caught on to how bitchy she is, she is queen bitch LOL your comment smake me laugh, thank you >D I hope you got my letter, i did it via ask because that was more interesting LOL

@heigei thank you <333

@mimi thank you so much for your comment, it made me laugh hahaha x'D ='D x

@tozz omgggg your art!!!! D: I'm relaly relaly interested to see how it has devloped if this, this is your older art/! its just fabulous!!! ='D my fave of many was the one with the two kids playing together- i read the lryics and, and this is a song i'll never forget as it was played and I heard it only the once when with my father one summer long ago- i havent heard it since but remember it so well ='D <3

thank you so much everyone is reading, and god- thank you for 200 fans, you fools!! DDD'8 -utter hsock-

October 13th, 2019, 11:02 pm


March 30th, 2011, 9:22 pm

wow thats longest reply list Ive ever seen :D you deserve that fan count, congrats! :D Im glad you got my message yay :D

November 20th, 2011, 4:53 pm


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