March 12th, 2011, 11:28 am

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March 12th, 2011, 11:50 am


think these pages look worse than the other pages- sorry x'(((

thank you so so much for all the comments, jesus, the day this updated it went from 90 fans all the way to 140, and now there's suddenly 180 fans- thank you so so so much, i really dont know what to say ='((((

please excuse in advance my terrible and rushed selling- i simply and honestly cannot be bothered to go over it =I//runs away all grumpy

@alice LOL it is true, i just love drawing people with big afros hahaha xD yeah i would say this grl is a female afro makensie- i', running out of ideas for unique looking characters LOL

@angelbliss yes, she is a grl, im so glad you found her andgroyness (?!) though, i feel hipster kids, you cant really tell the difference between boys and girls hahaha xD

@mildtarantual thank you so much ;___; *respect*

@lyco im really glad you enjoyed the flow of that page because i felt it was awful LOL thank you so much ='IIII

@cross27 your dramatic comment touches me like you'd never know ='I thank you x

@Natash-the-18th i know thats not your nickname- but thank you for the comment so much!! ='D I found men can be horrible, this was a problem with me and most of the male species (apart from the sleeping with them part DI ) but they are always so wishy washy Dx

@shasha LOL OH SHAHSA you have AMAZNG TASTE!! >80 i need to aks you, what email adress are you using/do you use?? can I email you throiugh yaoiislife ?? Sprry for not emialing still, this is why xD I wanted to make sure in case you didnt ge the message D.I also do you still check DA ect.? ='D

@novembertree ahhh xDDD thank you for such a lovley comment man this made my day i tell you ='D Nah i dont like to tell people because a) I feel uncomfortable uhm..pimping?? new comics so i dont like to do it Dx and b) I like to start a fresh, it is interestign when old readers find new comics though >'D it is nice to see you around again ='D

@renna LOL dude! I am so flattered and gushing eith love youve no idea ='I thanks so much for the support D.x

@xoxoLUCY ahhh thank you for reading this comic as wlel and giginvg such a lovley comment, it made my day, thank you ='D in answer to your question- yes, this is totlaly set in england !! 'D it's not a partouclar town but the buildings/area are very closley set in Clifton, which is a place in the city of Bristol which I am very fond of ='D im very releived that the english-ness has pulled off so far- i love how you cna tell a country just by looking at buildings =0

@rainbowcrayon thank you so much i'm very vey happy you like the last comic, thank you so much for your kind words ='D

@tozz YESSSS LOL you and me are like buzzing with vampire weekend I swear xD I totlaly felt blake was apprporpiate tohugh i hav eno idea what the song could mean, i guess in a later chapter you will see my interpriation of it- more importantly- omg im so exited to hear you'll be making a comic!!! I go on your SJ profile all the time in th ehopes i'd ge tto see some art and never do- please please let me know when youve posted i'd love to see what you made of it ='D I hope it is going well!!

@mimi-evelyn thank you ='DD im relaly glad someone is listneing to th enmusic hahah xD when and if you can reccomend soem music to i'd love to hear some ='D

@hayley LOL your current icon is so approrpiate for this xD I love your new icon ='0 thats all i can say Dx

@heiei thank you so nmuch m'dear, i hope you are alright tohugh life seems tough for you right now man but unexplained Dx I hope you are OK!!! Dx

October 18th, 2019, 6:58 am


March 17th, 2011, 9:37 pm

ahh, I'm really looking forward to your interpretation of Blake's Got a New Face! :O I'm sure it'll be really interesting.

and omg, I can't believe you'd pay attention to someone like me! that makes me really happy. I'm still hard at work, I want to get a bunch of pages done before I post anything. you'll be the first to know!! :D

I can't wait for the next update <3

February 27th, 2012, 1:29 pm

Such a good mix of angles in this. I love it!

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