March 5th, 2011, 4:39 pm

chapter two

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March 5th, 2011, 4:58 pm

thank you, so so much everyone

also on twitter- thank you so so muhc for your comments and encouragmeernt folks... i am really suprised and shocked really that you have so much hope for a comic in which nothing has happened yet hahah xD thank you :'D

@3eoclock omg i love you DI thank you so much ='I

@heigei <333333 !!!

@shasha LOLOL shasha 'buck teeth girl' youre th eonly one whos actually noticed this haahah xD you are awesome dude! thank you so much for tihnking the other girl is a sexy girl...cause i cant poull of sexy for shit LOL I hear you are bummed we havent talked recently- i just want you to know i'm not meaning to, and honestly im not relaly tlaking to many people online at the moment- its just a pin in the ass cause my sleeping pattern for once is not fuckedup so i dont catch you at theriht times anymore- i am sorry but please e-mail and tell me aobut your life, ect. if we can at least talk thru email it would rock ;A;

@alice LOL alice, thank you for writing wonderful tihngs on twitter, then coming back on here and writing hillarious comments- thank you <333 I WILL LISTEN TO MORWE MEW I PROMISE! i hope so, i think its maybe a lot to take in right now, (a lot of characters and notihng to show) =I thanks so muc for your encouragment man you really cheer me up x'((

@theorah ahhh i think brideshead snuck its way neatly into this comic.i genuinly tihnk charm comes with the package at university D:::

@mildtarantula hahaha! I am really scared tbh he is the main character, i hope as a mina character he doesnt come off as annoying ID;;; LOL! thank you for your comments man ='D

@hayley honestly the only reaosn i hate guys is because they are dishonest- an honest man is an asshole, but an honest man ... e_e thank you so so much for drawing punk girl and for thinking she is sexy...i gotta make a fanart page or something ???

@Em. - OMG tokyo policve club are perfect!!! wow its funny you mention that band, when the year this comic is set is indeed the year those guys were very popular/well knonw at least here in england, i rmember those days ='D I loved 'your englush is good' what an exellent song =DDD also I OVE VIOLENT FEMMES!!! and funnily enough i bleive i drew a picture not along ago whilst listneing to 'tapes n' tapes' what a great song ='D

October 13th, 2019, 11:13 pm

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