08 Nov 2014 05:09 pm

Blake Sinclair volume 2 Out soon...

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08 Nov 2014 05:22 pm

If anyone's attending the ThoughtBubble con in November...

hey y'all! so YES!

Joining Volume one very soon will be volume 2! 200 pages- full colour- chapter's 5-8! this is kinda where the first part of the story arcs! (well, you know you've read it all by now..)

so yes! if you're in the UK, and going to thought bubble in november, do find me, and my frtiends enoki and marcel behind a table where we will be selling comics! I'm not sure yet if volume 2 of blake will be ou7t for then, but fingers crossed!

I'll also be selling a new shiny short comic, plus a lil old one and copies of blake volume one, too :)

it's nice to see everyone again! thank you so much for your comments, i realised questions are asked so I will reply soon-!! /love and hugs/

26 Oct 2016 05:57 pm

10 Nov 2014 02:28 am

@Oishi17 i have actually been drawing a new comic! which i'm selling at thoughtbubble. I have plans for new comics, some i will post online and some i'd rather sell, but i'll post here should i put something online!

@Gol you can currently buy volume one via amazon, and the same will be true of vlume two! It woulda been nice to have met you! I hope your time in america was sweet :D I will be sure to write here if i make a new comic n__n

@Tarabba that would be amazingggg if you did ;___; what other cons will you be visiting if any??


08 Nov 2014 07:34 pm

Any plans for a new comic?

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09 Nov 2014 02:13 pm

Aww geez, I don't think I can get up to Leeds very easily what with not having a car at the moment...but I'd love to buy the comic! Is there a way we can purchase them online (volume one included)?

Also make sure you keep us all updated if you're going to do another comic any time soon. >.> I need moar.

09 Nov 2014 10:32 pm

Awhhhhh I sooooo wish I was going to Thought Bubble D:

10 Nov 2014 10:42 am

None for the rest of the year I'm afraid but hopefully in 2015 things will be a bit better off. I can't believe it's almost 2015!

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10 Nov 2014 02:13 pm

Ah fantastic, I'll try and buy one when I get paid at the end of month if I have anything left post-dental bills. X3

Yeah Leeds is a bit of a trip for me but if you ever find yourself at a London expo I'll try and get a ticket. America was great thanks, weird to be back, missing the girlfy though haha.

I keenly await any future comic-related noos. >.,>

05 Apr 2015 12:34 pm

This was such an amazing read, congratulations! You are tralky good at portraying people's feelings and tour art is just beautiful . the xlmor and the pacing and wow. Just great :)

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