24 Jul 2014 05:12 pm

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24 Jul 2014 05:13 pm

some boring stuff and laassst scene next week

thankyou so so so much for reading this comic if you do. as this comic finishes, i really appreciate any support it gets- you have no idea ;_;

I came up with this scene sometime last year due to a course of events- over the years, i've had one complicated relationship with this guy. all the words here are like..a super condensed version of anything i'd ever like to say to him if i ever got the chance, or the guts.

it's such a shame that even if we did meet (and we have) he just doesn't ever want to talk about stuff (stuff much worse than that of this comic).

if only we could talk about it- i could forgive him, and move on much quicker than the time it has and is taking. but maybe it doesn't matter- maybe no matter how much i talk to him, and how sorry he'll seem and has seemed- i will never be able to forgive him and sorry just won't be good enough.

and that's the sad truth- that in the end moving on really just comes from ourselves. i never really consider myself someone to hold a grudge, but i guess i do. i hope i can one day buck up and get over it- i am to blame for the state i am in now. sometimes i think to myself 'don't hate the player, hate the game'. after all, relationships of ANY kind are a two way street. i know what i'm getting into when i speak to him...ngh.

here's to you, j x

30 Jul 2014 11:05 am


24 Jul 2014 06:17 pm

Arrrgg it's been ages since I last commented, I'm sooo sorry!!! but I've always follow every update like a stalker lol.
Damn this update was really great, I've wanted to get some closure on this issue for a while, and I really like how you've left that till the end, it ties up the story nicely, or maybe not so nice as we have Ruthie all in tears awww, but at the same time, this is a really important moment for her, to have kept all that stuff inside, it must have been so frustrating. But now that it's finally out I think she'll be able to move on easier. I'm also happy that Blake has sort of grown up, he's no longer running away, but actually taking it like an adult, and of course he'll never be able to heal those wounds. Deep down it seems he knows that as well, and all he can really do is hear her out. So I really like the fact he's not trying to hush her or hug her. It just wouldn't be alright :) I can really tell that this bit must have been hard to write, it's full of painful emotions, but I think you've really nailed the behavior, well I mean in the end when you write from your own experiences it can never go too wrong, but I have to say you are great storyteller Sarah, I'll definitely be following your future projects closely. Just real bummed that this comic is coming to an end, I might even cry :'(

24 Jul 2014 06:57 pm

This was really beautifully done. I really do admire your visual storytelling so much--sometimes I spent really inordinate amounts of time looking at a single panel. But I also think you've made some really honest choices in the character arcs, and this is one of the best ones; you know, that Ruthie can find Sasha, and care about him, and feel understood and listened to and appreciated for who she is, and still be hurt by a relationship where she wasn't. A new, better relationship isn't a cure, and nor frankly should it be. That isn't something you see much in stories, but I think it's true. I also like that she gets her say but that ultimately it doesn't change much, because that healing does need to come from within herself. The fantasy of being able to 'talk about it' and say your piece is ultimately always a fantasy, especially in those cases where 'sorry' can never be good enough. Uuugh I just really like this.

And! I hope you find peace in your personal situation one way or another--it can be absurdly difficult! I had a very bad...situation...when I was in college, and one day I was brooding about it when it suddenly occurred to me that two years had passed since we'd even seen each other, and rehearsing what I'd say if I did only hurt me more. And that's pretty ridiculous, ultimately. That said I think there comes a point when you have to accept that there are pains that become a part of you. And you're pretty damn awesome! You make awesome things that people love! So whether or not you can ever say your piece doesn't really matter, because it's true that he probably wouldn't be able to say anything that could make a difference to you, whereas you've already mastered the situation by turning it into art that touches people :)

24 Jul 2014 07:02 pm

Ooof, reading that and then reading about your personal experiences leaves me with a hollow feeling in my stomach, I know of what you speak :( Men and their complicatedness, not wanting to talk, ughh just all of it. I can absolutely relate there, rough stuff. I hope it gets better for you!

24 Jul 2014 07:12 pm

Wow, those emotions!
I would like to give you some wise words of support, but I don't think I should give advice as a person who naturally forgets all the nasty stuff. I guess it's a kind of defence mechanism.

On a side note, I'm getting all teary when I think about this comic ending T_T
But I'm crossing my fingers for another awesome story from you in the near future >w<!

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24 Jul 2014 09:03 pm

Man, you at last get a feel for just how bad Ruth was hurt, I mean it's like she's been bottling it up for a while now. In this situation you really don't want to talk about it with your significant other so I mean, I guess she's really had no outlet, can't exactly explain it to pink top now they're a thing...look at me analysing fictional people though.


Seriously though, all the feels! Seems weird to have the story come to a close...I wasn't there from the start but I remember reading the first 500ish pages in the space of one day. :P

25 Jul 2014 06:59 am

Every update I find myself grabbing at the edge of my desktop... so intense!

25 Jul 2014 11:26 am

I can't adequately express how this comic is making me feel, NNRGH, you just have this way of perfectly illustrating complex feelings and relationships in only a few words, it's superb work.

And I'm glad that you can use your comics to work out some of your own personal feelings too. It's shitty that something of that nature happened to you, but you've become such a brilliant person (because of AND despite it) and I'm chuffed to know you :)

27 Jul 2014 04:07 am

Gosh this update actually made me cry, I don't want this to end it's too good!!

29 Jul 2014 01:36 am

yeah i cried too. i'm really glad ruthie finally spoke up.

29 Jul 2014 01:26 pm

The emotion you put forth into your comic really really shines through. I've always loved that about the way you tackle dialogue, like you're drawing from a well of experience. It feels real.

Thanks for creating this comic, I'll be super sad when it's all wrapped up, but I've enjoyed every page so far.

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