The Summer of Blake Sinclair

A slice of life comic set in the summer of a student's university life. about hipsters, Punks, and ultimately self reflection and 'honesty'. This comic is Apparently what you would call a 'social comedy' and a sattire on generation Y. loosely based on my recently passed student experiences =) Hopefuly this comic will remind you of summer when you read it; enjoy!

June 24th, 2013, 3:39 am

NEEWWWSSS (and late updates because...)

Hey folks - I wonder who reads these?

anyway, if you follow my tumblr you'll already known, but Blake Sinclair is going to be published! and more so, into 4 big 200-300pg volumes! I have had a lot of people say if they did buy this, they'd prefer to have a big cheaper bulky vers. - so there you go =) it's also going to be available on amazon, so no need for paypal or anything. woot! more on that soonish I imagine..!

also, I've ran out of money, haha! so although I have pages ready to go, it's gonna be a little late 'till I get money for markers! I promise when I update, it will (hopefully) be a big one to make up for it- so sorry!! (not that it really matters all that much hehe!)

August 25th, 2012, 12:52 am

Possibly moving house

Right now I'm really stressed out and I feel like this isn't going to happen after all, but anyway I'm ((supposed)) to be moving house next week.

So comic updates...I don't know when that will be. :S however I do have seven pages I have very slowly inked, and maybe I can get them coloured soon and put them up... Right now who knows!

Impulling my hair out!!
That's it anyway, sorry to bother with pointless news posts, goddamn!!

January 17th, 2012, 1:05 pm

question! and, it will be a very late update

it may well be a very late update because, unfortunately, i've ran out of paper and my local store is out of stock and my second store is taking forever to deliver me the paper =( I have 3 only 3 pages finished and nothing more can be done Dx

secondly, thinking of printing a poster or something or up and coming expos- what sort of picture would anyone want to see??? any suggestions would be amazing!! thank you i hope someone reads this ='D!

October 2nd, 2011, 2:20 am

updates might be slower than usual.

This Month, I'm entering 3 comic compeitions, plus my dog is having puppies plus general life so for the compeitition thing mainly, updates might be a bit slower than usual, hopefully not if i'm inspired enough!

if anyone else is entering the comps. also (Jiman, thoughtbubble, observer) then good luck !!!! ='DDD


June 1st, 2011, 4:20 am

20 days no update - excuses

Okay I was at expo and me and eternalbeleiver as she is known on here! Were talking and she made fun of me x,D saying that 'not updating' to me is like not updating in a week - huh?! What do you mean by that?

Anyway..;; this post is more for me to kick myself in the arse than anything , but if anyone actually cares or reads this, I do appologize for not updating in 20 days, that's so fucking long I can't stand it Dx

Ihave my reasons/excuses, life has just been quite the stress mess recently, doctors and pills and teeth and london expos, and trying to socialise and all that,

But!! I promise I have drawn 7 pages already, I could ink them all now but this 'part'doesnt feel finished to me :( so I really want tompush through a mother 2 or 3 pages. I have a feeling they will be posted either by tomorrow or Friday, though

I don't know why I write this, as I really think no one must e listening, but I kind of write these things for myself. It's incredibly self indulgent! But I just need to if even to reassure myself that I'm doing something!

Well anyway, over and out yes :'D

May 7th, 2011, 1:51 am

The next update not until monday

Helooooo out there! Anyone who may be reading- though I don't think anyone will care, I thought I'd say so anyway, I guess for my own security lol x,D

Anyway i am going back to the country side Tony 'second home' this weekend, so I wont be able to update this comic until Monday- I feel pretty bad because once again I've gone over the once a week Mark :'(((( but rest assured , I have seven fresh pages waiting to be scanned in- and because I am so fucking late with the update x((((( I will update with extra pages and probably finish the chapter anyway :))) okay!!

That is all, if you actually bothered reading, god bless you :'DD xxx have anise weekend!!

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